In mid-2019, Tesco invited Click n Collect as one of three electronic locker solutions to participate in pilot program as part of evolving their click and collect- E-commerce strategy. This operational cost imperative would soon become even more critical to Tesco, and all grocery chains, as COVID-19 was soon to be unleashed across the world. COVID-19 has and continues to impact the way consumers collect their groceries – safely and securely.

What initially stood out to Tesco about Click n Collect as a potential partner was the sense of innovation embed in our culture- evident in our commitment to continuous product and process improvement. With over 7,000 stores in 11 countries, Tesco is the world’s 3rd largest retailer. With this in mind, robust hardware needed to be met with robust and agile software development methodology- which conveniently is our leading edge.

Click n Collect’s product design is excelling in adapting to Tesco’s product needs that included both tray (tote) and paper bag order delivery, efficient power consumption and efficient courier load/customer collection processes. As this pilot is still ongoing, our continuous feedback loop and response to recommendations enable innovative design improvement including the “Finger Trap” design- to both eliminate any customer danger and enhance temperature insulation.

The two types of outdoor configurations- 96 doors and 60 doors, include a temperature zone mix of Controlled Ambient, Chiller and Freezer systems. While Tesco has the design options of U, L or Straight-Line design layout, Tesco has chosen its locations to be laid out in a Straight Line. Each of its Click n Collect locker locations utilise real-time reporting as specifically designed to meet Tesco’s criteria including.