Parcel traffic is becoming a major operational burden for building management in terms of building security, management time, storage space, parcel responsibility, and the increasing costs associated with it.

The exponential growth in online sales has also created a security problem as multiple couriers need access to the building.  Over 70% of parcel deliveries have unavailable residents on site.  This means that building management must take on the responsibility for these parcels. Alternatively, our corporate clients want to increase productivity of their mailroom staff and to enhance its document and parcel process and traceability. Controlled document flow and security is paramount to large corporations.

Our intelligent locker system will automate all parcel, document and merchandise deliveries for your staff and residents- solving parcel traffic congestion and also help increase the value proposition for residents and staff.

Intelligence Locker Technology

Full-Service Suite

Grocery, parcels, laundry, key exchanges, general merchandise, and much more.

Easy and Intuitive

Used by millions of users each year. Multi-lingual.


Our smart technology allows for an end-to-end contact-less transaction for both pick-up and drop-off.

Agnostic Application

Can be accessed and used by all couriers, residents, and approved service providers.

Highly Secure

Encryption, 2FA, malware protection, VPNs, alarms, firewalls, and CCTV remote monitoring.

Low Maintenance

Maintenance costs are kept at a minimum through the use of durable components and integration of smart technology.

Fully Automated

Manages itself via automated SMS/emails with no management involvement needed.

Accessibility Friendly

Allocation of locker doors at heights for physically disabled people and seniors.

Customised Solutions

Fully customised locker cabinet dimensions to suit limited spaces or to build into walls.

Easy Integration

Our feature rich API architecture enables a seamless integration with almost every building management software platform to ensure a fully automated, reliable system. For a full integration briefing please contact us.

Unparalleled Support

Our Support Team is always there for you, 24 hours per day, every day of the year. In whichever country you may operate we provide both onsite and remote support, including, upgrades and enhancements, regular cleaning, and testing as per your Service Level requirements.


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Exchange points worldwide


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Servicing every continent


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Years leading e-locker technology

Brand Experience

We’ve worked with some of the largest corporate and residential developments globally who demand only the best in automated locker solutions.


National University of Singapore

The National University of Singapore has fully automated parcel deliveries with Click n Collect’s intelligent electronic lockers. Case study coming soon. If you’d like more information about our intelligent electronic lockers- contact us here.

Big Four Bank

One of the world’s largest banks with offices across Europe, Australasia, South America, and North America were looking for a way to automate their mailroom operations.   The Problem This client wanted to increase the productivity of their mailroom staff and to enhance its document and parcel process and traceability.  Controlled documents security is paramount […]

Southern Cross Station

Southern Cross is Australia’s largest railway station is a major transit hub in Melbourne, with 15 million passenger visits per year. The Problem Southern Cross Railway Station was looking to & upgrade their existing locker system to the latest start of the art technology. The existing locker system was outdated, had system failures, and the […]


Click n Collect Pty Ltd is one of the pioneers in the global e-commerce locker industry.  Our reputation worldwide is evidenced by the relationships we have with some of the world’s largest organisations. These organisations demand reliable, trustworthy software backed with 24/7 support.

Click n Collect lockers are ‘Agnostic’.  This means any courier or retailer can securely deliver to our lockers.  This is an important consideration. When a resident purchases any item online, they do not want their delivery declined because a certain brand of locker does not have the unique software to securely receive from a particular courier or retailer.

As Click n Collect manufactures the lockers and has a full team of in-house product engineers and designers at hand, Click n Collect can change locker body sizes to suit each location or client requirement.  For example, Click n Collect can assist if the lockers are to be built into a wall cavity, if they have to be shorter to comply with a particular low roof height, or if they have to be made deeper or higher to fit certain expected parcel dimensions.  Furthermore, our modular designs ensures your lockers can be placed around corners or other tricky space confines.

We can install a separate Smart Access System which will validate couriers and other delivery service providers when they present themselves at the main security entrance. The Smart Access Systems means your concierge or building management no longer need to continually open doors and personally verify, and sign in couriers.  All access can monitored and audited for security purposes.

Our software systems integrate with most software platforms, including building management and communications (such as WE wumbo), through our API architecture to ensure a fully automated, reliable system. Click n Collect has been commended by its clients for the fast integrations, which are possible due to the experience gained over many projects and the way the Click n Collect software is designed.  For a full integration briefing please contact us.

A Locker Service Centre provides fully automated communication and minimal needs for involvement by concierge or building management and avoids the need for a dedicated parcel room.  If you have a mail or mailbox room, we recommend, if possible, to include provision for the Locker Service Centre within this same room.  This will maximise the convenience of both residents and delivery services.

Whether placed as part of a mail room, or otherwise, you need to keep in mind that a refrigerated locker systems will generate warm air.  We recommend good ventilation to ensure a comfortable environment for your residents when collecting their goods.  Please also consider your residents’ collection comfort in terms of adequate space to open locker doors without hitting walls or the difficulty of opening heavy access doors while holding shopping bags.

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