Officeworks is Australia’s largest office and home office supplies retailer.  This client has 167 store locations throughout Australia and employs over 7,000 staff.  Office works wanted to grow their sales by introducing a national courier service in competition with Australia Post.

The Problem

In 2012, Officeworks contacted Click n Collect, after Officeworks previously selected supplier was unable to perform on the technical piece of this project.  The project involved creating a national parcel delivery service through a highly automated parcel despatch locker system.

The Click n Collect Solution

The project required a close working relationship between Officeworks, Click n Collect, and the courier service teams in order to develop this customised solution of hardware, software and national 24/7 courier delivery service.

To meet the project objectives the locker system needed to be:

  • Cost effective and meet the set ROI benchmarks.
  • Able to seamlessly communicate with multiple parties.
  • Extremely reliable and easy to operate without involvement of any store staff.
  • Handle all high-volume parcels sizes and shapes including long tubes.

The solution developed uses prepaid Officeworks postage labels which are attached to the parcels the customers would like to send.  When the parcels are presented at the locker, it validates the label, accepts the parcel and prints a parcel deposit receipts for the customer. The receipt also provides the customer with an estimated time of arrival.  At the same time the courier company is notified to pick up the parcel. The customer will be updated as the parcel progresses through the delivery process.

The ongoing Click n Collect support for this project, includes a remote management dashboard that provide full transparency of all the locker activities, 24/7 helpdesk support, preventative maintenance and hardware support.  It also includes continual review and improvement meetings as required, which have led to additional features such a provision for Virtual Lockers that manages parcels that are too large to fit any locker compartment (such as office desks, etc.).

A critical deliverable within this project briefing was that the roll out across all 167 Officeworks store locations had to be achieved within 8 weeks, to coincide with a national launch. This critical timeframe included custom manufacturing, shipping, local delivery to all capital cities and remote store locations, installation, testing and staff training.  Click and Collect successfully manufactured, delivered and installed all 167 locker systems within an 8-week time frame!


“To simultaneously launch at all 167 national sites across the full continent of Australia within 8 weeks we needed a partner that delivers.”

“We have found Click n Collect to be always accessible, highly innovative, flexible, cost-effective and easy to work with. We value our strong partnership.”