CSR Gyprock

CSR Gyprock is Australia’s leading manufacturer of building industry products such as plasterboard, compounds, adhesives, and associated finishing materials. They distribute their product through 94 Gyprock Trade store locations throughout Australia and they were looking for a way to service their accounts outside normal trading hours.

The Problem

As Gyprock supplies property developers and builders their product must be available 7 days per week, in order not to delay building projects. However, the trade stores operate within restricted trading hours.

The Click n Collect Solution

Gyprock specified to Click n Collect Pty Ltd they needed a solution that is able to:
• Accommodate 80% of the Gyprock product range, including handling plasterboard sheeting of up to 3 meters and plaster buckets weighing up to 50kg.
• Be placed anywhere outdoors
• Withstand rough handling relating to the materials transacted and the building site environments they could be placed at.
• Expand the transaction capacity to match different sales volumes.
• Be easily installed and removed from building sites to facilitate onsite Gyprock sales during construction.
• A software platform that would integrate with Gyprock’s POS and online system to allow tradies to order online or in store
• Operate 24/7.

The project requirements by Gyprock were all met by Click n Collect and Gyprock has now extended its trading hours and distribution volume with tradies that can collect their orders at any time from the locker on their way to a job or at their building site.


“Click n Collect worked very closely with us until we were able to master the right design for our unusually shaped products. Located outside, our tradies now collect on their way to work without wasting time by leaving the building site during working hours.”

“The mobile lockers are like on on-site 24/7 Gyprock shop and able to be moved when required to the next new building site.”

“The tradies love it”.