As consumers increasingly turn to e-commerce for all their shopping needs, speedy fulfilment and distribution, combined with COVID-safe protocols, isn’t just a “nice to have” — it’s the expectation of every online shopping experience. Our intelligent locker solutions help you transact faster, reduce queue times, and enable a 24/7 operation without increasing overhead infrastructure.

Click n Collect has a wide range of Locker Service Centre Modules to create your ideal format.  Our modular systems can be customised to suit your individual store needs. Each module is developed to cover best locker system practice and has been extensively tested. They can be placed indoors or outdoors and are designed to operate under the most extreme weather conditions.

Intelligent Locker Technology

Feature Rich

World’s most durable lockers come with a full-service software suite with endless integrations.

Easy and Intuitive

Used by millions of users each year. Multi-lingual.


Our smart technology allows for an end-to-end contact-less transaction for both pick-up and drop-off.

Automated Communication

Manages itself via automated SMS/emails with no staff involvement.

Accessibility Friendly

Allocation of locker doors at heights for physically disabled people and seniors.

Highly Secure

Encryption, 2FA, malware protection, VPNs, alarms, firewalls, and CCTV remote monitoring.

Continuous Operation

Intelligent technology solutions that work together as a backup to ensure minimal disruption in case of power supply outage.

Comprehensive Branding

Customise the look, and feel of your lockers- both hardware and UI.

Future Proof

Embracing the Internet of Things (IoT), access to the latest locker enhancements and features from around the globe.

Easy Integration

Our feature rich API architecture enables a seamless integration with almost every e-commerce or POS platform to ensure a fully automated, reliable system. For a full integration briefing please contact us.

Unparalleled Support

Our Support Team is always there for you, 24 hours per day, every day of the year. In whichever country you may operate we provide both onsite and remote support, including, upgrades and enhancements, regular cleaning, and testing as per your Service Level requirements.


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Exchange points worldwide


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Servicing every continent

30 Years

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Leading e-locker technology

Brand Experience

We’ve worked with some of the largest grocery and general merchandise retailers globally who demand only the best in automated locker solutions.


JD Sports

JD Sports or JD, is a British sports-fashion retail company based in Bury, Greater Manchester, England with shops throughout the United Kingdom, Europe, the United States, Asia, New Zealand and Australia. JD Sports pilot program with Click n Collect lockers is currently underway.


Officeworks is Australia’s largest office and home office supplies retailer.  This client has 167 store locations throughout Australia and employs over 7,000 staff.  Office works wanted to grow their sales by introducing a national courier service in competition with Australia Post. The Problem In 2012, Officeworks contacted Click n Collect, after Officeworks previously selected supplier […]


Click n Collect was approached by a laundry operator “Blusion” in Atlanta, USA, to help them increase their sales, and achieve full plant capacity.   The Problem The Blusion Managing Director shared that he wanted to increase his sales as his wash and fold processing plant in Atlanta had spare capacity.  Instead of opening more […]


Click n Collect Pty Ltd is one of the pioneers in the global e-commerce locker industry.  Our reputation worldwide is evidenced by the relationships we have with some of the world’s largest organisations. These organisations demand reliable, trustworthy software backed with 24/7 support.

Our team of experts will work closely with you to ensure you maximise your investment. We will make further suggestions of innovative ways to deploy lockers that will enhance your user experience, boost operational efficiencies, and potentially create new revenue streams. We can facilitate integration with additional collaborative service offers by accessing our global network of clients and available services.

Click n Collect’s flexible locker system allows management to receive a myriad of reports from your locker network, wherever you are and no matter what time of the day it is.  You may use any of the standard reporting features, or you can use customised reporting from a management dashboard.  Set hierarchies strictly control access to the reports for various levels of management.

The locker hardware will be supplied in your corporate colour while the terminal and monitor software (GUI) will also be branded with your colourway and corporate logos. Decals or complete vinyl wrapping of the locker can add that extra branding and consumer experience you are looking for.  For further marketing suggestions our Click n Collect team is ready to assist your marketing team.

The modular range of Click n Collect is specifically designed to allow for future growth needs and do so easily and cost effective.  This way you can always cater for demand increases or requests for additional services.  The design also allows for same look, feel and measurements between refrigerated modules and parcel modules so they can both be seamlessly placed side by side, either indoor or outdoor.  Talk to our design team to provide you with design options.

Yes, our software systems integrate with your e-commerce and other software platforms through our API architecture to ensure a fully automated, reliable system. Click n Collect has been commended by its clients for the fast integrations possible due to the experience gained over many projects and the way the Click n Collect software is designed.  For a complete integration briefing please contact us.

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