Coles Supermarkets is one the two largest supermarket chains in Australia, with over 1,500 sales locations and over 100,000 employees.  In 1999 Coles Supermarkets started to develop its online sales platform via Coles Online and they were looking for a new customer pick up solution.

The Problem

In 2011, as one of the first supermarkets in the world, Coles Online wanted to trial an expansion of its home online delivery model and offer their customers the additional service of a 24/7 pick-up option so online grocery shoppers did not have to be home to receive their groceries during limited and fixed time slots.

At that stage no other supermarket had looked at this.  The challenge for Coles Online was that being ahead of its time there were no suppliers who had a market ready product to execute their visionary project.  The product needed to provide secure 24 hours access to grocery which needed to remain fresh until it was picked up, it had to have automated communication with customers regarding the status of their grocery order, and furthermore, it needed to be ready for a secure integration with the Coles Online platform.

The Solution

Coles Online selected Click n Collect Pty Ltd as their project partner to develop the required solution.  Click n Collect suggested to use an adapted Click and Collect parcel lockers system, which was to be placed at one of their Coles Express branded petrol stations.

To keep the groceries fresh the parcel locker system was redesigned with specially engineered chiller and freezer compartments.  A locker terminal was included with advanced capabilities so the locker system would be able to have automated consumer communication and grocery order status updates.   The then available Information Technology had be further developed so that the locker system could integrate and communicate with Coles Online E-commerce platform.

An innovation of website integrated grocery lockers systems was born, and this visionary inspiration has grown into what is now a well-established Click n Collect range of grocery locker modules that supplies supermarket chains around the world with a new delivery model.

P.S. In case you are wondering what happened to those first historic 2011 grocery locker prototypes? They are still active and Click n Collect continues to support and service them!


“Click n Collect Pty Ltd had the leading role in the Coles online Smart locker design and established a close working relationship with the Coles online team and its IT partners to design, build, test, roll out, go live and PIR plan the smart refrigerated locker units.  Click n Collect were successful in the roll out for Coles with the first ever remote smart lockers for grocery ecommerce in the world.”