CNC Software cumulative release notes V 3.12.0 (20210204)

Please find below the release notes for the latest version of our locker environment software suite – version 3.12.0

General Environment:

  • Addition:
    • Strengthened database encryption
    • Improved encryption in configuration files
    • Removed sensitive data in logs
    • Removed legacy settings in configuration files
    • Improved Web Server Applications and terminal Applications integration
    • Improved Applications security
    • Enhanced logging – able to log in to AWS Cloudwatch
    • Updated EULA visible during software install

V-Parcel – Terminal Application:

  • Addition:
    • Content management that can play image slide show or video/audio on Welcome Screen if idle for configured period of time
    • If staff need to add a locker at time of loading, they can now select multiple lockers across all zones, instead of one locker at a time.
    • Customer name can be configured to appear in order list when staff are loading
    • Order locker requirements are now visible in order list when staff are loading.
    • Dual lock per door support
    • Improved troubleshooting capacity by non-technical staff at terminal:
      • Icon on “Welcome Screen” to indicate if scheduler service running on terminal
      • Icon on “Welcome Screen” to indicate if VCentral connection is up
      • Icon on “Welcome Screen” to indicate if VControl connection is up
      • Couriers can log in via scanning bar code as well as manually enter PIN.
      • Addition of Czech language
    • Barcodes will now be accepted when scanned on the ‘welcome’ screen, no need to use the Slide to begin function prior.
    • Orders can be created on the fly by couriers at the terminal if Order ID does not exist, using customer name and mobile number
    • Bug Fix and improvements:
      • Overhaul of locker application theme engine
      • Improved appearance of locker application – please approach CnC for documentation on theme specific for your environment.  Examples of generic theme can be found at the bottom of this page.
      • Reduced resource required by application
      • Customer signature, if captured, is now stored as JPEG to reduce file size
      • Locker allocation algorithm enhanced for Orders submitted with Reserve tag.
      • Locker allocation will be correct for orders tagged as aged/disabled.

    V-Service – Operations Website:

    • Addition:
      • Can now create bulk orders via CSV upload.
      • CSV order import will advise users on screen when process is ongoing
      • Age restriction features included for order as needed
      • Added adult confirmation field in order details
      • Auto generate Order ID if this field is left blank as part of order creation process
      • Locker requirements per order are now visible in the Delivery Agent Dashboard.
      • Parcel Transaction Status date and time conversion based on longitude and latitude of location
    • Bug Fix and improvements:
      • Customer signature, if captured, can be downloaded as JPG
      • Fixed date/time stamps in reporting

    V-Manage – Management Website:

    • Addition:
      •  Email notifications to customers can now include URL, allowing customers to pick up using smart phone.
      • Lockers can now be designated for ‘Heavy’ orders.  When submitting orders, needs to be done so via CSV and include the weight value.
      • Configuration section to allow Age Restriction on required orders
      • Configuration section to prevent order collection if temperature zone is out of range.
      • Added “Weight” in Locker Size Code configuration.
      • Added “In Transit” notification template
      • Added “\f” tag to headings that can be customized, allowing to be split in to different lines.
      • Email character validation settings
      • Bulk upload of users via CSV import
      • Third Party Locker Size Codes – allow the use of generic locker codes across all locations, even if locker size codes in Master Data are unique for each location.  ie:  If location A has locker type AM-A, and location B has locker type AM-B, both sites could be configured to accept AM, which would be linked to their specific locker types.  Makes for easier operational use and integration.
      • Locker requirements per order are now visible in the Delivery Agent Dashboard.
    • Bug Fix and improvements:
      • PIN generation options now include:
        • Random Number (3-9 digits in length)
        • Last X value of order ID.  Can be configured to be 3-9 digits in length.  Order ID must be numeric
      • “Save to location” is unchecked by default when modifying environment configuration
      • Attached logo image was not being displayed – Fixed.
      • Age Restriction settings renamed for clarity.
      • Fixed date/time stamps in reporting.

    V-Central – API End point:

    • Addition:
      • If In Transit notification is enabled, PIN will be generated on order creation
      • Configuration for concurrent order creation


    • Bug Fix and improvements:
      • Attached logo image was not being displayed – Fixed.

    Mailer Service:

    Age restriction for orders containing restricted items such as alcohol or tobacco

    • Addition:
      • Notification added for In Transit orders.
      • Notification on orders being blocked due to temperature alert
      • QR support in notification emails
      • Additional fields enabled for template messages
    • Bug Fix and improvements:
      • Deleted locations will no longer send alerts

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