CNC Software release notes V 3.11.0

Please find below the release notes for the latest version of our locker environment software suite – version 3.11.0

V-Parcel – Terminal Application:

  • Addition:
    • Customizable theme files
    • Ability for terminal to accept configured PIN length
    • Parcel/Order mode:
      • Faroese Language has been implemented
    • Concierge mode:
      • When dropping off an order by selecting customer name, courier can now also search by phone or address.
      • Added settings for rear facing terminal for courier/staff
    • Bug Fix and improvements:
      • All modes:
        • “Allocate nearby lockers” not working. This is resolved.
        • Forced collection of uncollected orders not enforced for couriers. This is resolved.
        • Opening multiple lockers results in terminal crash or vcontrol crash on occasion. This is resolved.
        • After 5 Minute count down (screen counter shows 00:00) the page doesn’t timeout on occasion. This is resolved.
        • When using multiple language logos these are overwritten by the Default Language Logo
        • Filler Panels look like terminal spaces in locker layout GUI.
        • Filler Panels showing as terminals – in the customer collection screen the filler panel is treated identically to a terminal, including showing the customer the ‘You are Here’ message multiple times when in overhead mode. Only applicable to multiple cabinets per location.  This is resolved.
        • HL locks only – Status check from Locker Summary does nothing. This now reports correctly.
        • Reserved lockers can be changed to available status.
      • Concierge mode:
        • Only having “name” as drop off option does not allow drop off. This is resolved.
        • When creating an order at the terminal as a Delivery Agent, no delivery agency is assigned to the order. This now assigns delivery agent correctly.

V-Service – Operations Website:

  • Addition:
    • All modes:
      • Improved security for website.
      • Add “For Disabled” button checkbox when creating an order
      • Change locker PIN to accept configured PIN length
      • Auto refresh (every 2 minutes) for In-Progress Orders, Completed orders, Locker Operations pages.
    • Concierge Mode:
      • Order report now includes order ID.
    • Bug Fix and improvements:
      • All Modes:
        • Loading orders via VService is slower with larger orders. Performance is improved.
        • Creating orders via VService is slower with larger orders. Performance is improved.
        • Improved performance on the Locker Summary screen.
        • Increased token time out for website log in.
        • Error messages were closing too quickly for users to read fully. Error messages will now display for a longer period of time.
        • System was not allocating lockers based on oldest used date. This is resolved.
        • When cancelling an order via VService and the order was allocated to multiple lockers, only 1 locker was being set back to available. This is resolved.
        • When loading an order via VService the order was only updating one order to loaded. If for a multi locker order, the other parcels would remain as status “scanned”.  This is resolved.
        • System users were not able to manage their accounts from within VService. This is resolved.
        • Remove “Delete Locker” button from VService to prevent unintended deletion of backend environment.
        • Time stamps of orders created in VService for “pending” have time stamp of server.
        • Invalid Delivery Agency ID causing orders to not show in the list of available orders.

V-Manage – Management Website:

  • Addition:
    • All modes:
      • Improved security for website.
      • Added 350 degree rotation for sections on locker layout generation
    • Third Party Location Mode:
      • Allow for status changes to Lockers
    • Laundry Mode:
      • Allow for “Book In” without courier pick up event.
    • Bug Fix and improvements:
      • All Modes:
        • Remove “Delete Lockers” button from Locker Operations page.
        • When creating a locker layout and returning the section management screen, filler panels were showing as “Terminals”. This is resolved.
        • When creating Courier system users a Delivery Agency was mandatory. This has been removed.
        • Global Settings: SMS delivery method was mandatory even if not used.  This has been changed.
        • “Customer” button has been moved from within the Delivery Agent Dashboard page to its own submenu for ease of access.
        • Changing locker layout for an existing location displayed an error on saving. This is resolved and items now save accordingly.
        • Entering invalid credentials during log in resulted in the logo disappearing. This is resolved.
        • Orders were showing the wrong time stamps for time zone.
      • Order Mode:
        • The Delivery Agent Dashboard displayed “No Parcels Found…”. This has been changed to “No Orders Found…”

V-Central – API End point:

  • Bug Fix and improvements:
    • All Modes:
      • Security improvements.
      • API cancelling orders created with “reserve=true” was not setting allocated door back to available. This is resolved.
      • Third Party API calls were not sent on rare occasions. This is resolved.


  • Bug Fix and improvements:
    • Security Improvements.
    • Returns mode: Virtual lockers were not being set back to Available when the Return Order was processed by the customer.  This is resolved.


  • Bug Fix and improvements:
    • Laundry Mode:
      • Customer registration not working properly, this is resolved.
      • Customer Sign up page now includes Country section.


  • Bug Fix and improvements:
    • All Modes:
      • Security improvement

Mailer Service:

  • Bug Fix and improvements:
    • All Modes:
      • Mailer will now recognize “default” emails (for systems where customer details are not submitted) and will not attempt to send emails with the default setting.
      • Barcode image for PIN was not being generated correctly. This is resolved.

Scheduler Service:

  • Bug Fix and improvements:
    • All Modes:
      • “Locker Health Check” for alerts now triggers more consistently.
      • If data sync was taking longer than the configured time, it would restart and cause duplicate records. This is resolved.