Click n Collect was approached by a laundry operator “Blusion” in Atlanta, USA, to help them increase their sales, and achieve full plant capacity.


The Problem

The Blusion Managing Director shared that he wanted to increase his sales as his wash and fold processing plant in Atlanta had spare capacity.  Instead of opening more laundry shopfronts and having to absorb the additional associated rent, fit out and staffing expenses, he was looking for a more economical and innovative way to increase his sales and expand his catchment area.

The Click n Collect Solution

Click n Collect assisted Blusion with an expansion plan that, instead of opening new stores, would place outdoor laundry lockers in strategic catchment areas such as hospitals, parking facilities, residential developments, military bases and colleges.  Together we designed a custom-built laundry locker that specifically fitted Blusion’s laundry bags, adapted the locker software to integrate with Blusion’s laundry software platform and altered the customers’ locker interface to suit the requested customer transaction process and experience.

Now the Blusion customers can drop off their dirty wash at more conveniently located locker drop off points around Atlanta by simply scanning their bag with dirty wash into their nearest locker.  This alerts Blusion to then pick up the dirty wash from the same locker, process it at their wash and fold processing plant and return it to the locker.  Once the in specially designed Blusion bags with the freshly cleaned and folded clothing is scanned back into the locker the customer receives a message that their clothing is ready for pick up.

Blusion now has a cost-efficient way to build sales and at the same time maximise processing plant capacity.


Blusion now has the option to fine tune the size of its sales network, locker by locker, until it has reached its full wash and fold processing plant capacity, without having to incur the large overheads related to opening new laundry shopfronts.  Since the first installed laundry locker Blusion has now expanded into the state of Florida and there are further plans to roll out the wash and fold business across the USA.”