Big Four Bank

One of the world’s largest banks with offices across Europe, Australasia, South America, and North America were looking for a way to automate their mailroom operations.


The Problem

This client wanted to increase the productivity of their mailroom staff and to enhance its document and parcel process and traceability.  Controlled documents security is paramount to the financial services industry.  With rigid compliance requirements, the client turned to Click n Collect to help assist them with these challenges and to find the most efficient solution.

The Click n Collect Solution

We first set out to provide a cost-efficient solution by designing a range of customised modules suitable for each of their many global offices.  This meant the designs had to allow for various holding and parcel size capacities, office spatial limitations and configuration constraints.  In addition to its flexible modular design, each system also had to have a rear loading option. The Click n Collect software solution catered for multilingual requirements, stringent client policies and adhered to all the governance compliance policies and international banking standards.

Click n Collect enhanced this specialised client solution by developing a mail room management dashboard.  This provided all levels of management with an easy overview of transactions including staff locker activity, traffic volumes, drop off and collection times, overdue items log, priority collection hierarchy plus many other requested features by the client.

During the initial stages of development our timeline was severely challenged by the COVID-19 crisis.  Despite this extra complication affecting the delivery of lockers to the client in multiple countries, Click n Collect reliably delivered and rolled out the project according pre-set timelines.

The project has since been expanded to also integrate external mail tracking and status notifications.  Most recently additional parcel lockers have been added to provide staff with personal locker services.